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District Responds to Alleged Lawsuit
McGuffey School District is aware of a lawsuit which was filed against the District on December 24, 2017, regarding alleged incidents that occurred approximately three years ago.  To date, we have not been served with the Complaint, so we are not able to respond to specific allegations.
To the extent that the lawsuit claims that the District unilaterally ended the child's Chapter 15 Accommodation Plan, the District denies this claim.  Evidence was presented to an Office of Dispute Resolution Hearing Officer, who found in the District's favor on this point that the District's actions with regard to the student's Chapter 15 Plan were not improper.  Chapter 15 Accommodations plans are not managed or implemented as part of special education provisions.
However, it must be stressed that under no circumstances are negative comments concerning students acceptable, and the District will not condone such comments or similar behavior.  Above all else, McGuffey School District remains committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all District students and employees.  We will continue to work with our school community to focus on providing a safe, positive learning environment for all children and adults.  
As this is a matter of ongoing litigation, the District will be making no further comments about this incident.   
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