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Aquaponics at McGuffey School District

Students at McGuffey School District work to solve the 21st Century problem of sustainable agriculture through breeding and growing their own organic food. Each building in the district has a greenhouse equipped with an aquaponic growing system for leaf lettuce and Tilapia. 
What we learned (but didn't expect):
  • It's really fun to grow your own food. 
  • Small fish can fit through the water pump, so choose your fish carefully!
  • Always teach your custodians first because they will help you when something goes wrong. 
  • "Sadly, you cannot eat this Raspberry Pi" -Elliana (student)
  • "I'm really learning a lot of science in the greenhouse." - Abby (student) 

What is aquaponics?

Our greenhouse sends us a text message if it is too hot or too cold.

Our temperature and humidity levels are graphed every five minutes.

We program apps to meet our needs.

We watch our lettuce grow on YouTube!

Create an aquaponics system for under $50

Photos of Our Work

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