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Spring 2022 Math Adoption

Spring 2022 Math Adoption

As part of our pursuit of our mathematical goals, McGuffey School District began in May of 2021 a thorough yearlong process of evaluating our current mathematics resources and alignment to appropriate mathematical standards and competencies. Through this review, the math team at McGuffey identified Reveal Mathematics as a recommended core resource for grades K-8, as well as for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. This recommendation were presented to our school board at the April 21, 2022 meeting. The presentation slides can be viewed at this link. Additionally, a recording of the presentation can be viewed on the McGuffey Zoom Youtube Channel. This recommendation was approved by a vote at the May 19, 2022 meeting. 

The curriculum information for each grade level is the McGuffey School District scope and sequence for each grade and course level. 

Additionally, digital access to the full student and teacher editions for each grade level can be accessed by using the following log-in information:


UN: revealmathk5se

PW: MHEmath21


UN: RevealMathStudent

PW: MHEmath21

Supplemental Programs

In addition to Reveal Mathematics as a core curricular resource, McGuffey utilizes several supplemental pieces that serve as a personalized learning platform for all students and  provide students with acceleration and intervention opportunities.  

For students in grades K-5, McGuffey will be implementing Redbird Mathematics to support personalized learning. To learn more about Redbird Mathematics, you can access a program demonstration

Additionally,  Arrive Math Booster will be used to support acceleration and remediation for students in the elementary grade levels K-5. More information can be found on the Arrive Math website

For students in grades 6-12, students will utilize the ALEKS learning program to support personalized learning, as well as acceleration and remediation. To learn more, you can complete a digital tour of the ALEKS program

Practical Business Math Procedures

For students in our Business Mathematics classes, McGuffey will utilize Practical Business Math Procedures by McGraw Hill. Additional information about this text can be found on the McGraw Hill webpage for this text

Pearson Calculus, Graphical, Numerical, and Operational

Along with the core series adoption, McGuffey will be utilizing  Calculus, Graphical, Numerical, and Operational, published by SAVVAS Learning (formerly Pearson). This Calculus text is one of the College Board approved Advanced Placement (AP) offerings for AP Calculus. Additional information about this text can be found on the SAVVAS Learning webpage for this text

Additional Math Courses

For both Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics and Trignometry/Pre-Calculus, our math department will be continuing with the current core resource texts for the next six year math cycle. 

Currently, students in AP Statistics are utilizing the text The Practice of Statistics, published by Bedford, Freeman, and Worth. Information about this resource can be found on the Bedford, Freeman, and Worth website for this text

Students in Trignometry/Pre-Calculus are currently using the text  Advanced Mathematical Concepts. Information about this resource can be found on the McGraw Hill website for this text

Frequently Asked Questions

AP Statistics 
Q: The website currently indicates that the textbook for Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics is The Practice of Statistics, published by Bedford, Freeman, and Worth. Previously both the website and April 21, 2022 school board presentation listed Elementary Statistics, published by Pearson, as the AP Statistics Text. Which text is being utilized in AP Statistics?

A: Both texts are board approved for use in the Statistics Course. Currently the AP Statistics students are using The Practice of Statistics as their primary resource. The Elementary Statistics text has previously been used in AP Statistics.   

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions and/or comments about the math curriculum or curricular resources, you may contact Dr. Dan Gottron ([email protected]).
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