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6th Grade Science Projects

6th Grade Science Projects In sixth grade science, students studied habitats, their biotic and abiotic factors, along with the multitude of ways that plant and animal life is threatened. Students used Google Classroom to locate information and then present their animals.

8th Grade Science Projects

8th Grade Science Projects In eighth grade science, students created their own interpretation of what they learned about galaxies, black holes, dark matter, stars, and nebulas.

7th Grade History Projects

7th Grade History Projects

In seventh grade history, students combined their understanding of Renaissance history and the characteristics of its art with their own research in order to reproduce their choice of a famous work of a Renaissance master, evaluate its historical significance, identify and explain why it's a good example of Renaissance art, and reflect on what it means to them.

7th Grade Art: One Point Perspective Drawing

7th Grade Art:  One Point Perspective Drawing

Students first examined how one point perspective adds depth to a drawing. They investigated several examples of perspective in their environment, as well as online and in pictures. Students then utilized the principles of perspective drawing to practice letters, numbers and symbols, and finally an image of their choice. The results are a diverse selection of one point perspective in various landscape settings; students were able to use a photograph that they captured themselves, as well as other sources.

8th Grade Science: Chromatography

8th Grade Science:  Chromatography

The 8th grade science classes studied chromatography-the separation of color. In order to demonstrate chromatography, students created designs on t-shirts with markers, and separated the colors using a solution. Students recognized that intense colors consisted of multiple colors. For example, dark colors, such as black, separated into orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue. Students also learned that water-soluble markers separated with water, and permanent markers separated with rubbing alcohol.

7th Grade History: WWI Trench Warfare

7th Grade History:  WWI Trench Warfare

Seventh grade students demonstrated their understanding of the conditions that soldiers faced in WWI by completing the Trench Warfare Project. Students had the option to either create a model trench, write simulated soldiers' letters about their experiences, or create a persuasive poster either in support of or rejecting the idea of using trenches in warfare.

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