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Traveling WiFi Program

Traveling WiFi

The Traveling WiFi program is designed to bring WiFi signals closer to homes and families that may not have access to these services and ultimately provide access to the content in an electronic format.  The  program will operate Wednesdays while we are learning in the hybrid model.  We have identified locations around the district that we can obtain good wireless signal and provide WiFi access to students that wish to access the internet for educational purposes.  There will be no need for parents or students to exit their vehicle to obtain the wireless signal.  

The Traveling WiFi program will be running in an "On Demand" mode while we are operating in the hybrid model.  To request the use of the Traveling WiFi program, please follow this link:

For more information including connection information, please contact the McGuffey Student Help Desk at (724) 948-3731 x2320 or e-mail us at:   [email protected] 
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