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At our district in-service kick-off, we shared our social media hashtag "#Mc3G" as a focus point in continuing to improve our culture.  This hashtag is packed with meaning for our system.  First, our M or my reminds us that we embrace responsibility for our district.  Our c represents three specific groups who impact and are impacted by our school district culture: our children, our colleagues, and our community.  And finally, our G represents growth.  This reference to growth is two-fold: first, growth to embrace our rich history of agricultural education; and second, to express our belief that we can all grow with effort and persistence (growth mindset).  We invite all children, colleagues and community members to use #Mc3G to share our learning, celebrations, and collective effort to grow McGuffey School District!  Please enjoy our moments of "growth" captured during our first few days of school!
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