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McGuffey School District is a public school system located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The School District is composed of four schools: McGuffey High School, McGuffey Middle School, Claysville Elementary, and Joe Walker Elementary.

The McGuffey school colors are navy blue and gold. "Highlanders" has been adopted as the official school nickname. Current enrollment is 1,764 students. The district is named after William Holmes McGuffey, who wrote a series of Eclectic Readers and was a famous and revolutionary educator. McGuffey School District covers an area of approximately 198 square miles sparsely populated by 12,480 people in 4,949 households.

Mission Statement
In a cooperative effort with the community, the mission of the McGuffey School District is to be an educational leader by enabling students to reach their full potential through the acquisition and application of knowledge and life skills.
District News
Chalk Talking at Joe Walker!
 Fourth graders in Ms. Lowe's math class recently participated in a "Chalk Talk" to visualize their learning about fractions.  Chalk Talks ask learners to silently share their thinking around a concept or question (in this case fractions).  Learners can share their thinking in words or pictures and may ask questions or extend the ideas that their peers express.  After capturing their thinking, the class engages in a reflective discussion about the chalk talk experience and learning.  Great job, Fourth Grade and Ms. Lowe, for using some of our collaborative learning strategies!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Joe Walker! 
Google My Maps!
Ms. Litman's students at McGuffey Middle School are so engaged in #GoogleMyMaps!  They identified land regions, pinpointing major cities and finding cool facts about Pennsylvania to collaboratively create a five-layer map!  Thank you Ms. Litman for using technology to transform learning, and Ms. Engler for supporting our teachers in their learning goals!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from McGuffey Middle School! 
Preparation Pays Off!
Months of preparation led to great accomplishments this week for students at McGuffey School District.  Congratulations to our cast, crew, and sponsors on tremendous Annie, Jr.  performances.  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from McGuffey High School! 
Our Youngest Readers!
Here's a switch!  Students in Ms. Senneway's kindergarten class enjoyed reading to their third grade friends from Ms. Tutay's class!  Enjoy this and many more McGuffey Moments from Claysville Elementary School. 
Finding the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow!
Leprochauns and rainbows and clovers, oh my!  This week, students in Mr. Kapalo-Allen's class prepared for St. Patrick's Day by creating speech rainbows!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Student Services. 
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