Flexible Instructional Day
Flexible Instructional Day: Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Success through Excellence
McGuffey School District is a public school system located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The School District is composed of four schools: McGuffey High School, McGuffey Middle School, Claysville Elementary, and Joe Walker Elementary.

The McGuffey school colors are navy blue and gold. "Highlanders" has been adopted as the official school nickname. Current enrollment is 1,764 students. The district is named after William Holmes McGuffey, who wrote a series of Eclectic Readers and was a famous and revolutionary educator. McGuffey School District covers an area of approximately 198 square miles sparsely populated by 12,480 people in 4,949 households.

Mission Statement
In a cooperative effort with the community, the mission of the McGuffey School District is to be an educational leader by enabling students to reach their full potential through the acquisition and application of knowledge and life skills.
District News
District Responds to Alleged Lawsuit
McGuffey School District is aware of a lawsuit which was filed against the District on December 24, 2017, regarding alleged incidents that occurred approximately three years ago.  To date, we have not been served with the Complaint, so we are not able to respond to specific allegations.   To the extent that the lawsuit claims that the District unilaterally ended the child's Chapter 15 Accommodation Plan, the District denies this claim.  Evidence was presented to an Office of Dispute Resolution Hearing Officer  who found in the District's favor on this point that the District's actions with regard to the student's Chapter 15 Plan were not improper.  Chapter 15 Accommodations plans are not managed or implemented as part of special education provisions.   However, it must be stressed that under no circumstances are negative comments concerning students acceptable, and the District will not condone such comments or similar behavior.  Above all else, McGuffey School District remains committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all District students and employees.  We will continue to work with our school community to focus on providing a safe, positive learning environment for all children and adults.    As this is a matter of ongoing litigation, the District will be making no further comments about this incident.     
Congratulations, DLP Innovation Advocates!
Congratulations to Ms. Friewald, Ms. Litman, and Ms. Cizmek, for advocating the use of technology to support mastery learning!  These teachers were selected as "Dynamic Learning Project Innovation Advocates" for their leadership and willingness to do whatever it takes to provide authentic learning experiences for children by incorporating multiple technology resources into their lesons.  Thank you, Ms. Engler, for coaching our middle school colleagues!   
National Inclusive Schools Month!
 In recognition of "National Inclusive Schools Month," and as a reward for meeting SWPBIS Goals, Claysville Elementary School students in grades three through five attended a private viewing of Wonder.  Great job, Students, may you continue to be positive role models for those around you!   
Claysville Elementary School Students Attend WACTC!
Fifth graders at Claysville Elementary School attended Western Area CTC for a day recently to explore career options and learning opportunities they will have as high school students.  Thank you, WACTC Staff and Students, for sharing your expertise!   
Joe Walker Students Attend WACTC!
As part of our career exploration curriculum, fifth graders at Joe Walker Elementary School attended Western Area CTC.  Thank you, WACTC students and staff, for sharing your expertise, and Ms. Yukon and Ms. Maglietta for capturing this special day!  Video of Fifth Graders at WACTC 
Congratulations, Jack!
Congratulations, Jack M., Kindergarten student at Joe Walker Elementary School, who was selected as a winner in the Edgar Snyder & Associates "My Holiday Wish" coloring contest.  Jack received a $100 gift card, and Joe Walker Elementary School received a $1000 donation.  To view the published artwork and learn more about other contest winners, please click here 
McGuffey Administration Offices
90 McGuffey Drive
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