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Special Services

Our Purpose
The Special Education Department of McGuffey School District assures that a free and appropriate public education is provided to all eligible students residing within the district.  

Our Commitment
The McGuffey School District is committed to providing high-quality instruction and support services for all students, including those who have disabilities and special learning needs.  The special education department has a strong commitment to ensuring all students have a successful learning experience.  The department values collaboration between students, families, district professionals, and community agencies to ensure all students acquire the academic, vocational, and social/emotional skills needed to transition to adulthood with competence, self-confidence, and conviction.  

Who We Serve
The Special Education Department at McGuffey School District serves all students who need additional support to meet their individual educational goals.
  • Chapter 14 Special Education Services
  • Chapter 15 504 Services
  • Chapter 16 Gifted Services
  • English Language Learners
  • Nursing Services
  • Homeless Services
  • Foster Care/Educational Stability Services
  • School Health Services
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention 
Our Approach
We strive to be active listeners, flexible, and creative problem solvers.  We value a collaborative approach with families.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or suggestions.  We genuinely want to hear from you!  We're here to support students and families, and to do that in the most effective, productive way possible, we need to know what our families need.

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