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McGuffey Special Services Office Staff

      McGuffey Special Services
PO Box 421
119 Main Street
Claysville, PA  15323
Cathy Jo Buchanan
Special Services Secretary
 Jodi Fletcher
Special Services Secretary
Kara Kish-Fike
McGuffey School Psychologist
Brenda Steele
IU1 Lead Support
Carly Wise
McGuffey School Psychologist
Teachers and Related Service Providers
 Claysville Elementary 
Melissa Dunn - dunnm@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
Joe Walker Elementary 
Stephanie Darnley - darnleys@mcguffey.k12.pa.us 
 McGuffey Middle School 
 Amanda Becker - beckera@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
Christine Bywalski - bywalskic@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
McGuffey High School 
Christina Geho - gehoc@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
 Katelynn Huber - huberk@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
McGuffey School District - Gifted Program 
McGuffey School District - Speech 
Sarah Toniolo - toniolos@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
McGuffey School District - Occupational Therapy 
BethAnn Duchess - duchessb@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
McGuffey School District - Physical Therapy 
McGuffey School District - Social Work 
McGuffey School District - Hearing 
Heather Berchin - Heather.Berchin@iu1.org
McGuffey School District - Vision/Orientation and Mobility
Cindy Gardiner - gardinerc@wpsbc.org
 McGuffey School District - ESL
Melissa Scouvart - scouvartm@mcguffey.k12.pa.us 
School Nurses 
Claysville Elementary/Joe Walker 
Debbie Butterfield - butterfieldd@mcguffey.k12.pa.us 
Colleen Kuhn/Health Assistant - kuhnc@mcguffey.k12.pa.us
McGuffey High/Middle School
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