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Joe Walker Elementary School

2510 Park Avenue
Washington, PA  15301
Phone:  724-222-3061
Fax:  724-222-2630
Marie Pupo, Principal - pupom@mcguffey.k12.pa.us


Joe Walker Elementary School was named after Joseph Albert Walker in honor of his accomplishments of making two flights beyond 100 kilometers - the edge of space.  Joe Walker's home that he grew up in is approximately 1/2 mile down Route 18 from Joe Walker Elementary School itself (towards Washington, PA).

McGuffey School District's Mission Statement
In a cooperative effort with the community, the mission of the McGuffey School District is to be an educational leader by enabling students to reach their full potential through the acquisition and application of knowledge and life skills.

Joe Walker News and Events

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Got Ag?
Students at Joe Walker Elementary School recently enjoyed some special time with our McGuffey High School Agricultural Education students.  Thank you, Mrs. Cambruzzi and Mr. Leasure, for leading agricultural education programs that are second-to-none!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Joe Walker Elementary School by clicking on the link. 
Reaching New Heights!
This winter weather has us climbing the walls ... literally!  Clint loves the "Twister Rock Wall" in our McGuffey Middle School gymnasium.  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from across McGuffey School District! 
Taking a 'Google Expedition' at McGuffey School District
Ever wondered what it was like to be inside of a tornado, hurricane, or volcano?  Students at McGuffey School District enjoyed taking a Google Expedication this week.  Please enjoy more pictures of our McGuffey Moments! 
Chalk Talking at Joe Walker!
 Fourth graders in Ms. Lowe's math class recently participated in a "Chalk Talk" to visualize their learning about fractions.  Chalk Talks ask learners to silently share their thinking around a concept or question (in this case fractions).  Learners can share their thinking in words or pictures and may ask questions or extend the ideas that their peers express.  After capturing their thinking, the class engages in a reflective discussion about the chalk talk experience and learning.  Great job, Fourth Grade and Ms. Lowe, for using some of our collaborative learning strategies!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Joe Walker! 
Where Is Ms. DeAngelis?
Students at Joe Walker Elementary School who read at least 20 minutes each day last week earned an opportunity to tape the principal to the wall.  They are "stuck" on reading at Joe Walker!  Enjoy more McGuffey Moments from Joe Walker Elementary School.   
Are You My Teacher?
Teachers at Joe Walker Elementary School swapped classrooms in the afternoon to share some of their favorite books with students in different classes.  What a great way to build a shared community!  Enjoy more about this and more McGuffey Moments at Joe Walker. 
McGuffey School District Hosts Self-Advocacy Conference
On Thursday, February 22, 2018, McGuffey School District hosted the PEAL Center Self-Advocacy Conference.  In addition to students from McGuffey School District, several local school districts also attended in an effort to help our young adults build effective self-advocacy skills.  Enjoy more moments captured on this special day and other McGuffey Moments from the previous week! 
We Love Joe Walker Elementary School!
Students celebrated Valentine's Day last week with special games, experiments, and treats - thanks to our awesome parents and community members,   See more of our McGuffey Moments from Joe Walker Elementary School where students continue to learn how to work as a team and help each other SOAR! 
Thank You for Your Service, PA State Police Department!
 PA State Trooper, Steve Lucia, and his K-9 Partner recently visited third graders at  Joe Walker Elementary School.  Thank you for your service!  Please enjoy more pictures of this visit and other McGuffey Moments at Joe Walker. 
Authentic Learning Experiences @ Joe Walker!
 Seeking authentic learning experiences, students at Joe Walker learned about various reptiles and animals from the zoo, went on fraction field trips using the natural school environment; and after identifying a problem while studying their school creek and engaging in a community action and problem-solving process, fifth graders will partner with Western PA Conservancy to restore the stream bank's slope and riparian zone.  Thank you, to our teachers, parents, and community partners for making these McGuffey Moments available!   
Joe Walker SOARS!
This week, the Joe Walker Team shared their work with other PA educators at the PA Postive Behavior Support Coaches Conference in Pittsburgh.  Thank you for sharing your work with colleagues, and more importantly for providing positive behavior supports for children.  See more of what our Joe Walker students and faculty have done this past week.  #McGuffeyMoments #McGuffeySD 
"Read" in the New Year!
On January 15, 2018, fourth graders at Joe Walker Elementary School read for 2018 seconds to celebrate the New Year!  I wonder if we can read for 2018 seconds each day?   
The Great Kindness Challenge
We agree with Henry James: "Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."
Joe Walker Elementary School joined schools across the country this week to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge.  Enjoy our McGuffey Moments for the last week at Joe Walker Elementary School.  Joe Walker Students and Staff, continue to make McGuffey School District proud.  
Coloring Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kindergarten student Jack Manon from Miss Carroll’s class who was selected as a winner in the Edgar Snyder & Associates “My Holiday Wish” coloring contest.  Jack received a $100 gift card and Joe Walker received a $1,000 donation.  Jack’s artwork is on their website.  https://www.edgarsnyder.com/giving-back/helping-kids/coloring-contest/2017.html 

Something Fishy - McGuffey School District Starts Aquaponics Program

When you walk into the greenhouse behind Joe Walker Elementary School in South Franklin Township, you’re greeted by a 110-gallon tank filled with 27 large tilapia.   

Next to the tank are long troughs covered by dozens of “rafts” on which a variety of greens, including parsley, rosemary and cabbage, are sprouting.

The tanks and the troughs, and the fish and the plants, are all connected by a complex pipe system.

The water from the fish tank is pumped through an irrigation system to feed and water the plants, which float on Styrofoam beds. The plants filter the water, which the fish fertilize with their waste, and the clean water is pumped back into the fish habitat.

The plants can’t live without the fish, and the fish can’t live without the plants.

Welcome to McGuffey School District’s aquaponics greenhouse, where students get hands-on experience in the future of sustainable farming.

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