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 Joe Walker Elementary Library Services

Jewel Ames, Librarian
(724) 222-3061

Important Information:
 Accelerated Reader Quiz Times

Computer Lab

Monday–Friday from 7:45-8:10 AM 
(and other times designated during the school week)  


What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computerized reading program that enables teachers to motivate, monitor, and guide students on their pathways to becoming fluent, independent readers. This program enables students to read books at their own instructional reading levels. Teachers use the Accelerated Reader Program to support and supplement our reading curriculum at Joe Walker. Students make the best gains when they have the opportunity to read books which challenge them without causing frustration.


What is an instructional reading level?

Books at an instructional reading level are books which are challenging but manageable text for the reader, with no more than approximately 1 in 10 words difficult for the reader (90% success). Reading books which are too easy for students will only prevent the reader from growing to his/her full potential. Reading material that is too difficult will frustrate the child, make comprehension decrease, and adversely affect motivation to read. Research has shown that a majority of reading time should be at the instructional level for children to grow as readers. Remember, reading levels are approximate. A child’s interest in a topic, prior knowledge about the subject, and other factors can influence a child’s ability to read and comprehend a particular book.


How does Accelerated Reader work?

A student selects and reads a book from the AR book list that is at his/her own reading level. Next, the student takes an Accelerated Reader quiz at school to determine whether or not he/she understood what they read. Finally, the computer gives the student immediate feedback, adds the quiz results to the student’s reading record, and generates the report for the student and teacher. Students earn points based on the book’s reading level (length and the number of questions answered correctly). 


Who participates in Accelerated Reader?

All students in grades K through 5 can participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.


What if the student is not reading independently yet?

Kindergarten and some first grade students are eligible to participate in Accelerated Reader but may not be reading independently. Students may participate at three levels:

     1. "Read on my own".

     2. "Read with someone".

     3. "Someone read it to me". 


Is Accelerated Reader required?
 Joe Walker students are required and encouraged to participate in Accelerated Reader.

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