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In partnership with our community, McGuffey School District empowers all learners to grow and excel.

Grade 1

What your child will learn in 1st Grade.....


First Grade Technology Resources

= - This website goes right along with our reading series. It has printable and online games and activities that you and your child can play to review reading skills.

= – You will need to login with your username and password. If you do not remember your username and password, please contact your child’s teacher. Click on “K-2” games to play games to review math skills.

= - Read articles about current events or science-related topics with your child. There are also video links and games you can play with each article.

= – Review letters and numbers, read books together, sing songs, and practice reading and math skills using the games on this website.

= – Click on Brainpop Jr. There are games, activities, movies, and even quizzes for each subject area to enjoy with your child.

= – Play games and watch educational videos together.

= – Play short, interactive games and activities with your child.

= - Play educational games with your child.

= - Read some popular online storybooks with your child.

= – Review reading and math skills with your child’s favorite characters. This website also has fun printable activities that you can do with your child.

= – Use this website at the end of the year to review basic facts with your child.

Our Favorites Broken Down by Subject

Online Math manipulative - listed by tool and grade level Free printable flashcards Online flashcard activities All grade levels



Online Class Timer - will act as a stopwatch or count
down timer

Online interactive teaching tools (stopwatch, venn
diagrams, etc) - perfect to use with an interactive
whiteboard - has lesson plans by grade level -

World Atlas a great geography and social studies site

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