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Grade 4

What your child will learn in 4th Grade.....

Grade 4 Technology Resources


Ø Reading Book Website ~

Username : First and Last name (ex: johnsmith)

Password: mcguffey

Here you will find the Reading Stories, Reading Practice Workbook, Spelling Practice Workbook, and Grammar Practice Workbook.

Ø Math Book Website ~ access code BF7CEA72CD

Here you will find the Math Book, Math Reteach and Skills Practice Workbook, and Homework Workbook

Ø First In Math ~

This is a school wide used website with specially-designed math games developed to reinforce basic math concepts.

Ø Spelling Practice Website ~

You will find all spelling lists for the year on this website. It is full of games for students to practice weekly spelling words.

Spelling City Directions:

-click red tab “students

-click blue tab “find list”

-Scroll down click on “Pennsylvania”

-click city’s name “C”

-find Claysville

-Click on letter of school name “C”

-find Claysville elementary

-registered teacher “Renea Lacock”

-Choose list by weekly lesson

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