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Universal Free Breakfast at McGuffey
Beginning October 1, 2022, ALL McGuffey School District students will be eligible to receive Free Breakfast. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Voice Recognition
Better today than yesterday, McGuffey will T.E.A.C.H.
Together, Excellence, Achievement, Community, Hope

Grade 5

What your child will learn in 5th Grade....

Grade 5 Technology Resources


To practice and study for tests and quizzes go to Click on math, then the 5th grade book. Click on the current chapter and lesson. There are tutorials and quizzes that students can take, which will be scored instantly for them by the computer. is a terrific website for skills.

This is part of their nine week grade.

Spelling Click “student”. Then search for Tammy Yukon. All of the spelling lists will come up. Choose the current weekly list where students will find games/activities to practice.

Social Studies

Social Studies Book and Activities The History Channel Colonial Williamsburg History for Kids


Nonfiction websites most commonly used for instruction and projects


Grammar review games and poetry website


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