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Virtual School Board Meetings

The information contained on this page is intented to provide information for all stakeholders of McGuffey School District about the viewing of and participation in virtual school board meetings.


McGuffey School District has the ability to hold school board meetings virtually.  The platform the district has chosen to use is Zoom Webinars.  This platform allows the district to conduct the necessary functions of the board while providing the opportunity for public viewing on a YouTube Livestream.  Public participation in meetings is facilitated through the use of the Zoom Webinar Controls.

Audio/Visual Options for School Board Meetings

Viewing the Broadcasted Meeting
Members of the McGuffey School District community can view the school board meetings by visiting the McGuffey Zoom YouTube Channel.  The channel can be accessed by clicking the following link:
Listening to the Broadcasted Meeting
Members of the McGuffey School District community that would like to listen to the meeting over the phone can register to attend the meeting as an attendee.  Once the registration is approved, you will receive an e-mail with information on joining the audio portion of the meeting.  Please see the restration information section at the bottom of this screen to register for the meeting as an attendee.

Public Participation in Meetings

Members of the McGuffey School District community are encouraged to participate in school board meetings during the "Public Comment" section of the meeting.  The "Public Comment" section is held near the beginning of the meeting and is initiated by the President of the School Board.  Once the "Public Comment" section is initiated, attendees of the meeting can use the "Raise Hand" feature of the webinar controls to indicate they wish to participate in the meeting.  The host of the meeting will allow attendees to unmute their microphones one at a time to participate in the meeting.  If you wish to participate in the "Public Comment" section, you will need to register for the Zoom Webinar in advance in order to receive information about joining the webinar as an attendee.

McGuffey School District highly values the input of residents in making important decisions that impact children attending McGuffey School District.  Public comment on agenda items provides residents with an opportunity to share their input with the Board of Directors.  Commentary should be addressed to the Board as a whole, not to individual board members, the Superintendent, individual staff members, nor the audience.  Please be sure to state your name, email address and township where you reside when you sign in to address the board.  There will be a strict seven (7) minute allowance for agenda items and five (5) minute allowance for non-agenda items for each individual who has signed up to comment and you will receive a response from the Superintendent within 24-48 hours. 

All public speakers are expected to treat each other and the Board of Directors with respect.  Conduct should not interfere with others' ability to participate in meetings, hinder others' ability to provide commentary to the Board, nor impede the Board's ability to conduct business.  In matters of disagreement, speakers should model for our students how one can respectfully disagree with others' views.
Here are some helpful tips to consider if you would like to participate in the meeting as an attendee:
  1. Registration information will be posted on this page on the Monday of the week the board meeting is being held.
  2. Registration information will be posted in the News section of the McGuffey School district website at least 24 hours in advance of the upcoming meeting.
  3. Phone attendees will be unable to make public comments during the meeting.
  4. Register in advance to obtain joining information prior to the start of the meeting.
  5. Test your audio connection in advance to ensure your microphone is working properly.
  6. There is a seven minute time limit on each attendee's "Public Comment".
  7. The host will allow your microphone to be unmuted one time during the meeting for the purpose of "Public Comment".
  8. Once you participate in the "Public Comment" section of the meeting and your microphone has been muted, you should use the "Lower Your Hand" function in the Zoom Webinar Control Panel.

Registration Information

 In order to participate in the "Public Comment" section of the meeting, you must register for the webinar as an attendee.  In order to register to participate in the upcoming school board meeting or to listen to the meeting using your telephone, please click the date of the meeting below for which you would like to participate.  Once your registration has been approved, you will receive information on how to join the meeting as an attendee.

Regular Meeting - March 16, 2023
To view the live stream of the meeting, please visit the McGuffey Zoom Channel on YouTube by clicking this link:
For additional questions or information about virtual school board meetings at McGuffey School District, please direct your inquiries to: [email protected] 
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