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Claysville Elementary School

119 Main Street Claysville, PA 15323
Phone (724) 663-7772
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Ms. Sheryl Fleck, Principal, flecks@mcguffey.k12.pa.us

Welcome to the Claysville Elementary website!  We hope the information you find here will be helpful and informative.

Mission Statement:
In a cooperative effort with the community, the mission of the McGuffey School District is to be an educational leader by enabling students to reach their full potential through the acquisition and application of knowledge and life skills.


Claysville Elementary News
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Claysville Elementary School's Family Literacy Night 2018
Families recently attended a Harry Potter-themed familiy literacy night at Claysville Elementary School.  A "magical" evening was enjoyed by all who attended.  Enjoy pictures of this and more McGuffey Moments from Claysville Elementary School.  
Reaching New Heights!
This winter weather has us climbing the walls ... literally!  Clint loves the "Twister Rock Wall" in our McGuffey Middle School gymnasium.  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from across McGuffey School District! 
Healthy Snacking at Claysville Elementary School!
Students in Ms. Schaefer's Second Grade Class enjoyed hearing Melissa Pintar, dietician and nutritionist, speak about healthy food choices and even enjoyed a healthy snack!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Claysville Elementary School. 
Claysville Elementary School K'Nex at California University
The fourth grade team from Claysville Elementary School captured a first-place win at the STEM Design Challenge held recently at California University of Pennsylvania.  Congratulations to LJ, Nicole, Ben, and Bella! 
Taking a 'Google Expedition' at McGuffey School District
Ever wondered what it was like to be inside of a tornado, hurricane, or volcano?  Students at McGuffey School District enjoyed taking a Google Expedication this week.  Please enjoy more pictures of our McGuffey Moments! 
Preparation Pays Off!
Months of preparation led to great accomplishments this week for students at McGuffey School District.  Congratulations to our cast, crew, and sponsors on tremendous Annie, Jr.  performances.  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from McGuffey High School! 
Our Youngest Readers!
Here's a switch!  Students in Ms. Senneway's kindergarten class enjoyed reading to their third grade friends from Ms. Tutay's class!  Enjoy this and many more McGuffey Moments from Claysville Elementary School. 
Finding the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow!
Leprochauns and rainbows and clovers, oh my!  This week, students in Mr. Kapalo-Allen's class prepared for St. Patrick's Day by creating speech rainbows!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Student Services. 
Green Eggs and Ham?
 From eating green eggs and ham to dropping everything to read on "Pajama Day," students at Claysville Elementary School sure know how to celebrate reading!  Please enjoy our McGuffey Moments at Claysville Elementary School for more ways Claysville Elementary School celebrated "Read Across America."  
Breaking Bread as McFriends!
Students from McGuffey School District recently enjoyed a special meal together with the most special company of all ... one another!  Enjoy these and more McGuffey Moments. 
McGuffey School District Hosts Self-Advocacy Conference
On Thursday, February 22, 2018, McGuffey School District hosted the PEAL Center Self-Advocacy Conference.  In addition to students from McGuffey School District, several local school districts also attended in an effort to help our young adults build effective self-advocacy skills.  Enjoy more moments captured on this special day and other McGuffey Moments from the previous week! 
Learning Continues beyond the Classroom!
Kindergarten students at Claysville Elementary School attended a special viewing of "Disney on Ice" at PPG on Friday.  Thank you to the PTO and Teachers who continue to provide these experiences for our children!  Enjoy these and more McGuffey Moments from Claysville Elementary School for the previous week. 
Focused Learning at Claysville Elementary School!
Fifth graders in Ms. Celani's English Language Arts Class actively participated in a "Chalk Talk" this week.  Our educators learned about chalk talks as part of our learning and alignment with the Universal Design for Learning framework and the Data Wise Improvement Process, as we continue to work toward improving learning for all learners (both children and adults)!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Claysville Elementary School! 
McGuffey School District Students Continue to Shine
At an annual prom experience, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Dustin was was one of several local students who enjoyed a "Night to Shine."  Enjoy this and more #HappyHighlander McGuffey Moments. 
Building a Bodacious Vocabulary with Boogie Boards!
Kindergarteners at Claysville Elementary School are well on their way to reading independently, as they learn 100 new words using their new "Boogie Boards."  Enjoy this and more  McGuffey Moments shared at Claysville Elementary School this past week! 
All Means All at McGuffey School District!
Throughout the district, children have multiple opportunities to share their thinking, feelings, and ideas for making their experiences at McGuffey School District positive.  One way of doing this is by recognizing that our words and actions impact how positive others' days at McGuffey may be.  Ms. Crockett and Ms. Lowe ask children to "fill a classmate's bucket" by writing them a kind, sincere note.  "Bucket Filler Friday" is just one of many ways that we celebrate one another.  Enjoy more McGuffey Moments that celebrate all learners! 
Helpful Highlanders at Claysville Elementary School
From being great role models in showing kindness to others, to serving as peer tutors to their younger friends, Claysville fifth graders are #HelpfulHighlanders!  You make McGuffey School District proud, Fifth Grade!  Enjoy these McGuffey Moments and more that occurred over the last week.  
Classrooms, Community and Care!
Whether in the classroom or in the community, our McGuffey School District students are #rockstars!  We recognize that it takes a village to raise a child, and we could not be more thankful for our community members who share this belief!  Check out some of our McGuffey Moments from this past week. 
Team Claysville Elementary School!
In January, Claysville Elementary School welcomed Carnegie Science Center's "Grand Slam Science."  Thank you to our many parent volunteers who helped to make this a tremendous, positive learning experience for our children!  Enjoy more of Claysville's "McGuffey Moments" from the week of January 15, 2018.    
All Means All!
 At McGuffey School District, educators seek opportunities with children that provide relevant experiences leading to new learning.  Enjoy some of our McGuffey Moments of community, classroom, and career experiences! 
Are You Curious?
Today's McGuffey Moments features students from across the distrct sharing their new and continued learning experiences.  From making slime to calculating area and perimeter to choosing among different projects to demonstrate preposition proficiency, we have some #HappyHighlanders at McGuffey School District! 
Claysville Kindness!
Kindness matters at Claysville Elementary School!  Take a peek at some of Claysville Elementary School's character, STEAM, and math learning from the previous week.  Claysville STARs make McGuffey School District a special place to learn and grow!  McGuffey Moments 
Something Fishy - McGuffey School District Starts Aquaponics Program

When you walk into the greenhouse behind Joe Walker Elementary School in South Franklin Township, you’re greeted by a 110-gallon tank filled with 27 large tilapia.   

Next to the tank are long troughs covered by dozens of “rafts” on which a variety of greens, including parsley, rosemary and cabbage, are sprouting.

The tanks and the troughs, and the fish and the plants, are all connected by a complex pipe system.

The water from the fish tank is pumped through an irrigation system to feed and water the plants, which float on Styrofoam beds. The plants filter the water, which the fish fertilize with their waste, and the clean water is pumped back into the fish habitat.

The plants can’t live without the fish, and the fish can’t live without the plants.

Welcome to McGuffey School District’s aquaponics greenhouse, where students get hands-on experience in the future of sustainable farming.

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What Is a Flexible Instruction Day?
The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) established an application process for school districts seeking flexibility in how students meet the time and day requirements established for all public school districts in Pennsylvania. Flexible Instructional Days (FIDS) use a variety of strategies to provide instruction on regularly-scheduled school days when a different approach is necessary, typically due to inclement weather conditions.    
If a Flexible Instructional Day will be used, at approximately 5:30 am, a mass phone communication message will go to all phone numbers currently listed in the student information system; the message will indicate that this will be a Flexible Instructional Day. Families then have the choice of having children complete their school day from home, or they may bring their child to school between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. District transportation will not be provided between children’s homes and school buildings. We will, however, provide transportation between McGuffey High School and Western Area CTC for children enrolled at WACTC, pending Western Area’s operating times.    
By 10:00 am of a Flexible Instructional Day, children must notify McGuffey School District of how they wish to attend school for the day: from home or at school. In order to prevent busy phone lines and extended wait times for callers, we prefer that children report their attendance electronically (by signing in via the District website, click here for link to proceedures: http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/168ED30F-23C4-4B25-AC66-C9F0EE0FE0D4/ClaysvilleFIDDayProcedures2017_2018.pdf).  
If, however, children are unable to access the Internet from home, families may call the school office to confirm attendance for the day. Attendance via telephone must be completed by building, so if you have children in multiple buildings, multiple calls must be placed. Please be patient, as there may be extended wait times or busy signals.    
Any child who does not sign in via the District website or call the school office will be marked absent for the day, and families will be required to provide an excuse. When signing in, children will need to indicate whether they are participating from home, will be coming to school, and whether they will need a school lunch available to them. Attendance and lunch counts will ensure that our teachers and cafeteria workers may plan appropriately for the remainder of the day.    
Teachers will post all assignments and class work to Google Classroom by 10:00 am on a Flexible Instructional Day. Children may access the material on Google Classroom from home and/or come to the school building between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Any assignments made on the Flexible Instructional Day will be due within five school days. (This is to accommodate families with multiple children and Internet connection capabilities.)    
A Flexible Instructional Day counts as a regular school day for students. Again, this means that attendance (from home or at school) and assignment requirements must be met. Please remember that transportation between home and school will not be provided on Flexible Instructional Days; we will, however, provide transportation between McGuffey High School and Western Area Career and Technical Center for those high school students enrolled in both schools.  
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