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Welcome to McGuffey Middle School!

On behalf of the Administration, Faculty, and Staff of McGuffey Middle School we would like to welcome you to our web page. We hope that the information provided here will enable you to keep up with current events within the school and access important information.  We welcome your comments and/or concerns. At McGuffey Middle School we are continuing to strive for excellence in academics, activities, and service to the community. GO HIGHLANDERS!
McG Middle School News
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Adventure Fitness ... Knocker Soccer Style!
Students in Mrs. Schardt's Adventure Fitness class recently engaged in a friendly game of "knocker soccer."  Enjoy video footage and additional  McGuffey Moments at McGuffey Middle School. 
Reaching New Heights!
This winter weather has us climbing the walls ... literally!  Clint loves the "Twister Rock Wall" in our McGuffey Middle School gymnasium.  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from across McGuffey School District! 
Taking a 'Google Expedition' at McGuffey School District
Ever wondered what it was like to be inside of a tornado, hurricane, or volcano?  Students at McGuffey School District enjoyed taking a Google Expedication this week.  Please enjoy more pictures of our McGuffey Moments! 
Google My Maps!
Ms. Litman's students at McGuffey Middle School are so engaged in #GoogleMyMaps!  They identified land regions, pinpointing major cities and finding cool facts about Pennsylvania to collaboratively create a five-layer map!  Thank you Ms. Litman for using technology to transform learning, and Ms. Engler for supporting our teachers in their learning goals!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from McGuffey Middle School! 
Preparation Pays Off!
Months of preparation led to great accomplishments this week for students at McGuffey School District.  Congratulations to our cast, crew, and sponsors on tremendous Annie, Jr.  performances.  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from McGuffey High School! 
Finding the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow!
Leprochauns and rainbows and clovers, oh my!  This week, students in Mr. Kapalo-Allen's class prepared for St. Patrick's Day by creating speech rainbows!  Enjoy this and more McGuffey Moments from Student Services. 
Sketchnotes, Anyone?
Students at McGuffey Middle School are finding different ways to capture their thinking during class or while reading.  Sketchnoting capitalizes on some students' natural preference for content presented visually and encourages processing of ideas (rather than merely trying to write down everything the teacher shares). Enjoy these McGuffey Moments and more from McGuffey Middle School!  
Breaking Bread as McFriends!
Students from McGuffey School District recently enjoyed a special meal together with the most special company of all ... one another!  Enjoy these and more McGuffey Moments. 
McGuffey Middle School Students Embrace VR!
Students in Ms. Cizmek's English Language Arts class recently analyzed text structure of paired nonfiction texts and used Google cardboard to experience locust swarms similar to the one from the 1800s detailed in one of their texts.  Building this knowledge through virtual reality helps learners experience what is logistically beyond our reach.  This is one of many ways that technology can transform student learning! Enjoy more about this learning experience and other McGuffey Moments from McGuffey Middle School! 
McGuffey School District Hosts Self-Advocacy Conference
On Thursday, February 22, 2018, McGuffey School District hosted the PEAL Center Self-Advocacy Conference.  In addition to students from McGuffey School District, several local school districts also attended in an effort to help our young adults build effective self-advocacy skills.  Enjoy more moments captured on this special day and other McGuffey Moments from the previous week! 
Dynamic Learning at McGuffey Middle School!
As teachers at McGuffey Middle School learn and implement new technology resources, the evidence of our continued learning is proudly displayed outside of classrooms through our physical badging system.  When teachers learn, students learn.  Thank you, Mrs. Engler, for being our Dynamic Learning Project Coach, and to our McGuffey Middle School teachers for continuing to expand their learning to help all children learn!  Please enjoy more McGuffey Moments from McGuffey Middle School! 
McGuffey School District Students Continue to Shine
At an annual prom experience, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Dustin was was one of several local students who enjoyed a "Night to Shine."  Enjoy this and more #HappyHighlander McGuffey Moments. 
McGuffey Middle School Has Pride!
Students and staff members at McGuffey Middle School recognize the positive behaviors that many of our role model students and teachers demonstrate on a daily basis.  As part of the school wide positive behavior intervention support system, children and adults are recognized for modeling PRIDE - Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Engagement.  Thank you, McGuffey Middle School , for reminding us how to be positive citizens!  Please enjoy these additional McGuffey Moments from the past week. 
All Means All at McGuffey School District!
Throughout the district, children have multiple opportunities to share their thinking, feelings, and ideas for making their experiences at McGuffey School District positive.  One way of doing this is by recognizing that our words and actions impact how positive others' days at McGuffey may be.  Ms. Crockett and Ms. Lowe ask children to "fill a classmate's bucket" by writing them a kind, sincere note.  "Bucket Filler Friday" is just one of many ways that we celebrate one another.  Enjoy more McGuffey Moments that celebrate all learners! 
Choosing to 'Look at the Bright Side' @ McGuffey Middle School
Students in Ms. Urbanek's art classes are "Doodling for Google."  Our McGuffey Middle school Students choose to focus on the positive and continue to encourage all of us with their motivational words of wisdom.  Enjoy these McGuffey Moments for the previous week. 
Classrooms, Community and Care!
Whether in the classroom or in the community, our McGuffey School District students are #rockstars!  We recognize that it takes a village to raise a child, and we could not be more thankful for our community members who share this belief!  Check out some of our McGuffey Moments from this past week. 
Motivated at McGuffey Middle School!
From physical education and math to art and English language arts, students are motivated to do their best.  #McGuffey School District #Hard-Working Highlanders  Take a look at some of our McGuffey Moments from the week of January 29, 2018.   
Wearable Technology?
 As part of our 2017-2018 Innovation Grant, students at McGuffey Middle School are learning to program Circuit Playgrounds to design wearable technology that improves the quality of life for humans or animals.  
All Means All!
 At McGuffey School District, educators seek opportunities with children that provide relevant experiences leading to new learning.  Enjoy some of our McGuffey Moments of community, classroom, and career experiences! 
There's A Lot Happening at McGuffey Middle School!
McGuffey Middle School's efforts to integrate technology in meaningful ways that support learning continue.  Using programs such as Flipgrid and Nearpod, provide opportunities for learners to reflect on their progress and build the foundation for continued learning.  Enjoy some of these McGuffey Middle School Moments from the week of January 15, 2018.  
Are You Curious?
Today's McGuffey Moments features students from across the distrct sharing their new and continued learning experiences.  From making slime to calculating area and perimeter to choosing among different projects to demonstrate preposition proficiency, we have some #HappyHighlanders at McGuffey School District! 
Something Fishy - McGuffey School District Starts Aquaponics Program

When you walk into the greenhouse behind Joe Walker Elementary School in South Franklin Township, you’re greeted by a 110-gallon tank filled with 27 large tilapia.   

Next to the tank are long troughs covered by dozens of “rafts” on which a variety of greens, including parsley, rosemary and cabbage, are sprouting.

The tanks and the troughs, and the fish and the plants, are all connected by a complex pipe system.

The water from the fish tank is pumped through an irrigation system to feed and water the plants, which float on Styrofoam beds. The plants filter the water, which the fish fertilize with their waste, and the clean water is pumped back into the fish habitat.

The plants can’t live without the fish, and the fish can’t live without the plants.

Welcome to McGuffey School District’s aquaponics greenhouse, where students get hands-on experience in the future of sustainable farming.

RAC Art Projects Appearing throughout Washington County

On Wednesday May 18, 2016, the Rural Arts Collaborative of Washington County will be holding an event at Citizens Library, 55 South College St. Washington, PA 15301, from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. to celebrate the works of students from several schools in Washington County. Funded by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, the Rural Arts Collaborative (RAC) was formed to work with schools by placing teaching artists in classrooms with teachers and students, enhancing and supporting the arts education curricula in each school, and ultimately placing artwork created by students throughout the area. Washington High School, Park Elementary, Clark Alternative School, McGuffey Middle School, and McGuffey High School were the schools participating in this phase of the project.

Congratulations to our December Middle School Students of the Month! image Congratulations to our December Middle School Students of the Month!
Congratulations to our Middle School Students of the Month for December 2015 - Hunter Kleinhans and Erica Teagarden. Both are sixth graders and have been chosen based on their character, academics, integrity and leadership.  Great Job! 
Six McGuffey Middle School Students Honored by the American Legion image Six McGuffey Middle School Students Honored by the American Legion

On April 14, 2015, six McGuffey Middle School eighth grade students were honored by American Legion Hunt-Kennedy Post 639 during a School Award Program. Anna Ferraro, Christian Clutter, Colin Walters, Italo DeLuca, Lauren Hoge, and Sabrina Rutan were bestowed awards based on their embodiment of Courage, Honor, Leadership, Patriotism, Scholarship, and Service. The awards event was celebrated as part of “Children and Youth Month”, demonstrating to the young people of our community that The American Legion celebrates children as “our most precious resource”. Tracy Sushel, the guest speaker at the event, inspired attendees and recipients with a message of patriotism, responsibility, and leadership. McGuffey Middle School thanks Elden Morris, Post Commander, and all member of Post 639, as well as Pat Maggi and the Post Auxiliary, for sponsoring this event. Congratulations to our award winners, proof that the future of our community is in good hands.

Congratulations to the February McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month! image Congratulations to the February McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month!
Eighth graders Brialya Kay and Daniel Orum are the McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month for February.  Brialya was able to be honored at the February school board meeting.  Great job Brialya and Daniel! 
McGuffey Middle School Spelling Bee Winners image McGuffey Middle School Spelling Bee Winners
Congratulations to first-place winner Brody Chadwick, second-place winner CJ King, and third-place winner Elizabeth Sprowls, our 2015 McGuffey Middle School Spelling Bee winners!  Brody has qualified for the Western Pennsylvania Spelling Bee, which will be held at Robert Morris University on March 14th.  Great job! 
Congratulations to the January McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month! image Congratulations to the January McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month!
This award is granted based on teacher nominations and recommendations. Lauren Meghen and Christian Clutter, both eighth graders, are being recognized for demonstrating their excellence in academics, work ethic, character, helpfulness, and leadership. They were January 15. Congratulations and keep up the good work! 
Congratulations to the November McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month! image Congratulations to the November McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month!
Sixth graders Lauren Baker and Cameron Harrison were selected by our staff as model students in the areas of Academics, Work Ethic, Character, Helpfulness, and Leadership.  Great job and keep up the good work! 

Dylan Marino, a 7th-grader at McGuffey Middle School, was one of four essay winners in the Pennsylvania School Boards Association's (PSBA) 2014 Poster & Essay Contest, held last month.

Students addressed the topic “What does public education mean to me?” in 400 words or less. The contest received 539 entries from 64 school districts across the state and was open to public school students from PSBA member school entities.

Marino and the other winners were invited to read their essays during a major session of PSBA's School Leadership Conference in Hershey on October 26, 2014. They were presented with a certificate and a $100 prize for their efforts.

Winning essays will be available online at PSBA.org after the conference and published in the December edition of PSBA's Bulletin magazine.

Natalie McDonough Awarded for her Volunteer Service for Relay For Life image Natalie McDonough Awarded for her Volunteer Service for Relay For Life
Natalie was presented with this award at the October school board meeting by Nancy Verderber from the American Cancer Society.  Great Job and keep up the good work! 
Congratulations to the October McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month! image Congratulations to the October McGuffey Middle School Students of the Month!
Rebecca Balistreri and Rocco Ferraro, both 6th graders, have been named Middle School Students of the Month for October. 
McGuffey Students Run the Great Race image McGuffey Students Run the Great Race
On Sunday September 28, 2014, five students from McGuffey Middle School participated in the 2014 Richard S. Caliguiri 5K Great Race in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The race started in Oakland and ended 3.1 miles away at Point State Park. This year’s Great Race in Pittsburgh set a record with over 16,000 participants. Congratulations to Gracie Stagon, Summer Wilson, Sarah Moore, Nathan Witkowsky, Jacob Orr, Ms. Schardt, Mrs. Spaulding and Dr. Jacob who all finished strong as they crossed the finish line. Way to show off your McGuffey PRIDE at the “Great Race”!
Video footage from the Great Race finish line can be found by going to KDKA’s website.
McGuffey Middle School Students take the CDTs
All MS students took Classroom Diagnostic Tests this week in the areas of Math, Reading, and Science (8th grade only). 
McGuffey Middle School Has a New Homework Framework
 Our new Homework Framework is designed to help teachers, students, and parents understand the value and purpose of homework and establish a set of guidelines that will help our students achieve greater academic success.  The entire framework is below.

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