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Social Work

Social Work Services

Licensed Social Worker
Ms. Sharon Laffey
At McGuffey School District, school social work services are person-centered and focus on the unique needs of each student. The school social worker often acts as a liaison between a student's home, community, and school.  The social worker also helps connect students and families to necessary resources. The school social worker seeks to identify barriers impacting each student's success and provides insight and understanding into the big picture of a student's life by examining contributing cultural, emotional, economic, social, health, and familial factors. By providing group and individual counseling, school social work services help teach students the necessary skills to improve overall success and functioning at school. Lastly, school social work services help to empower each student to achieve maximum social, emotional, behavioral, and academic success in the school environment and the community at large.

Social Work Services Include

· Preparing a social or developmental history of a child

· Preparing information for psychiatric evaluations

· Participating in psychiatric evaluations

· Group counseling related to specific topics such as social skills development, positive decision-making, anger management, friendship groups, and more

· Individual counseling to address social, emotional, academic, and behavioral needs

· Collaborating with parents, school staff, and community resources to address problems impacting child’s performance at school

· Mobilizing community and school resources to meet the needs of students

· Crisis Intervention as part of the District Crisis Team

· Performing Functional Behavioral Assessments as requested

· Assisting in the development of positive behavioral interventions and strategies

· Providing insight into the multiple factors impacting a student’s behavior (cultural, economic, health, etc)

· Participating as a member of the district SAP Teams 

· Providing training and education to staff and families as needed

· Referring families to local community resources

· Participating in IEP meetings

· Progress monitoring of goals

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