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Elementary Student Assistance Program

Joe Walker Elementary Student Assistance Program

Program Description: 

The Elementary Student Assistance Program serves the student population as an early intervention system for any student who appears to be “at risk”. Any information disclosed to members of the team is kept confidential unless involving suicide, homicide, or child abuse.

Team Member Training: 

McGuffey employees who are serving on the ESAP team have all received the mandatory state training from an approved state provider. Gateway Vision and Pennsylvania Student Assistance Programs offer refresher trainings throughout the year.

Joe Walker Elementary Team: 

Matt Wolfe, Shadia DelVitto, Christy Stahl, Debbie Butterfield, Carly Wise, Sharon Laffey, Kelly Painter, Stephanie Darnley, Center for Community Resources, SPHS, Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission.

Faculty/Staff Training:

All elementary faculty and staff received training about ESAP policies and procedures yearly.

Community Involvement:

Center for Community Resources will provide support and participation in the ESAP teams as needed.

Students are referred to the program by teachers, counselors, administrators, or parents. The program does NOT diagnose or treat students. The program makes a recommendation to the parents as to whether the student may need a professional assessment and assistance in dealing with his/her situation. The members have been trained by a state provider and certified by the state to make recommendations based upon the factual data collected in school. Throughout the process, parents will play a vital role in providing data as well as the implementation of plans to help the student reach his/her potential.

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