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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

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What type of services does Joe Walker Elementary Counseling department offer? 
We offer several counseling services for students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. 

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is available to all Joe Walker students. The school counselor meets with the student one-on one to support the students academic or social/emotional concerns. Individual counseling frequency can occur once to frequent visits, based upon the need. Students may be referred by teachers, parents, or self-referred.
Group Counseling 
At McGuffey, we believe that educating a student involves meeting the needs of the whole child, social and emotional, as well as academic.  In order to better accomplish this task, small activity groups are provided, with parent/guardians' consent.   Some group counseling topics include: 

Chill Out!” Groups –students will learn how to deal with anxiety and worries associated with school work, testing, family, friends, etc. We will discuss and learn healthy, manageable ways to cope with anxiety and stress. 

I’m in Charge of Me” Groups– Students will learn many different strategies in order to better control their thoughts and actions that will help their academics, social skills and following our school wide expectations (S.O.A.R.). These include paying attention, learning from mistakes, recognizing and ignoring distractions, using positive self-talk, breaking large tasks into smaller ones, and managing time.

Friendship/Social Skills: LUNCH BUNCH” Groups–This group is designed to boost self-esteem, social skills, resolving conflicts effectively, and increase peer relations while having fun.  

“Girl Power” Groups- Girls will learn different strategies and techniques to deal with conflict resolution and bullying. 
We will discuss different scenarios and how to handle these situations to stay away from “girl drama” and how to 
get help when bullying occurs. 

Changing Families” Groups– students experiencing a change with their family situations (divorce, separation, blending families, etc.), and sharing feelings with other students in the same situation. Sometimes it is hard for a child to understand changes within the family. I will work with students to help them talk about these issues and find ways for them to learn skills that will help them cope.

“Grief and Loss” Groups–We know that it is hard to deal with death, a close person who is ill, or even someone that is no longer a part of your life (for different reasons). We will teach students to learn to process their feelings and help them understand the grief or loss that they are going through. Students will have a safe place to discuss their experiences and get to participate in different activities that help them cope with their feelings.  

“I’m Somebody Special” Groups –building self-esteem, recognizing strengths, identifying feelings about self and increasing self-worth and confidence. 

“Let’s Get Organized” Groups- We will work with students to help them become better organized in their school and home lives. Students will do different activities that will teach ways to organize the things that they want in their lives. This should help the students be more responsible with their schoolwork and the things they do at home.  

Guidance Lessons
Monthly Guidance lessons are offered for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Elementary counseling department utilizes the Second Step Program for social emotional health. 
McGuffey has integrated a new career curriculum this year, Smart Futures! It is offered for students to explore careers in grades K-12th.  
Information regarding this program is provided to families each year. You can also learn more about this program on their websites. 
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