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Together, Excellence, Achievement, Community, Hope

Parent Resources

2022-23 Family Trainings

The Special Services Department proudly offers a training series for families this year.  More information can be found here.  

Local Task Force- An Advisory and Advocacy Parent Group

The Southwestern Local Task Force serves in an advisory and advocacy role to do the following:
  • protects the rights of students with special needs
  • encourages cooperation among public and private agencies
  • accentuates the positive
  • acts as a catalyst enhancing collaboration in education.

The Local Task Force considers problems brought to its attention by its members and identifies system-wide issues that affect the education of all students.  The Task Force investigates these issues and recommends solutions as well as provides speakers and presentations to address areas of concern.

More information about the task force, including meeting dates and helpful resources, can be found here.


The PA Training and Technical Assistance Network, PaTTAN, offers many resources for families and students navigating the special education system in public school.  Please visit their website here.  

YouTube Play Lists

Our Supervisor of Special Education has created video series annotating various special education forms.  The playlists can be found by topics.

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