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Requesting a Special Education Evaluation

Requesting a Special Education Evaluation

McGuffey School District 

Parent/Guardian Procedures to Request a Special Education Evaluation 

Parents should follow the below procedures in order to request a special education evaluation.

  1. A request for a special education evaluation can be made orally or in writing to the Supervisor of Special Education. 

Charissa Rychcik

Supervisor of Special Education
McGuffey Special Education Department
PO Box 421
119 Main Street
Claysville, PA  15323
724-663-5364, Phone

  1. Within 10 calendar days of receiving the oral or written request, the school district will mail the parent a “Permission to Evaluate (PTE) - Evaluation Request Form.” In this form, the parent will be asked to complete the following:

    • Child’s Name

    • Date Sent to the school

    • Name and Address of Parent/Guardian

    • Concerns about your child’s educational performance and progress (written narrative)

    • Sign and date

  1. Once the school district receives the PTE- Request Form, the district will either do one of the following two items. 

  • Send the parent, within ten days, the Permission to Evaluate (PTE) Consent Form, in order for the parent to give consent for the evaluation. The parent will also be asked to complete a “Parent Questionnaire” and will receive a copy of the “Procedural Safeguards (parent rights).”  

  • Send the parent a written notice, called a “Notice of Recommended Educational Placement/Prior Written Notice” that explains why the LEA is refusing to evaluate the child and a “Procedural Safeguards Notice” that explains how a parent can challenge the LEA’s refusal to evaluate your child. 

  1. If the district agrees to the evaluation and the parent gives consent, the school district will have 60 calendar days (not including the Summer months) to complete the evaluation. 

  1. Once the evaluation is completed, the report will be mailed to the parents at least 10 school days before the multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT) unless this requirement is waived by the parent in writing. 

  1. At the MDT meeting, the evaluation report will be reviewed with the team and a decision will be made about whether or not the student qualified for special education services. 

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